I grew up from a simple but happy life. When I was I used to play dolls and toys with siblings, cousins, friends and classmates. I grew up with so love from the people around me. As I began into my adolescent stage I was like a princess of the family, the mere fact that I am the only girl among them they always treat me as there princess. But as the years passes by and my brothers decided to have their own family I feel so alone at home. During my college years I feel so lonely knowing the fact my siblings have their own family and only me is left at home single and not ready mingle at all. I focused on my studies and I was able to finish my degree. But life is not that so good to me after half a year of my graduation my mom and dad passed away due to car accident. The situation that I was for that moment is nothing more but alone, loneliness and empty. Though my siblings were there to support me and with my nephews and nieces bright smile seeing them those gestures in me I feel a bit relief but once I will be left alone I just can’t stop the tears falling.

So after a year of mourning and crying I woke up one day realizing everything that had happened to me were tests of life of how strong I am. I cannot I am that strong but I should say I capable of being a strong woman due to my life’s experiences and trials. So I continued my life by looking a job that would help me survive, enjoy and living a life. There was this friend of mine who works as an escort and as I heard from their reviews and testimonies from other people I give myself a try to apply as one of their escort girl. I live in a place where I am alone away from our home so that I could totally be healed I just our ancestral house once a week or as needed when our caretakers have needs that’s the time I visit the place but since I left home I never sleep in there for I always recall the memories that I had with parents and I will end up weaker and weaker the time I will be there.

It was not actually my dream to become an escort particularly with Paddington escorts but as the opportunity knocks on me I grabbed it and when I joined the team I feel like I am in happy world it helps me healed the scar that is inside my deepest heart. Being a Paddington escorts I could strongly say that booking escorts can beaddictive. This kind of observation I made is from the clients that I had and even with my co-Paddington escort’s girl.

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I have this client who are new to the escorting world. It was a month ago since he started to book with us. Luckily I was the girl of his choice. After our encounter he seems to book the next day and always choose me. Not only in my case but also the same with my co-Paddington escorts ladies. This is a sign of addiction. Addiction means so much a lot to always do repeat the act once he is satisfied and wanted more often to experience it.

So as what Paddington escorts personality have shared it is very much evident that booking an escort could be a source of addiction to them. This kind of addiction is normal but needs to practice limitations because whatever things which beyond limit is bad and could cause harm on you or with other people. But I never seen anything wrong about how addictive it would be to book an escort. It just guarantees that escorts personality did their job the best way that they can. That kind of reaction coming from clients would not be possible if there will be no positive attributes that they get from the escort’s girls itself. Paddington escorts is so proud to tell that escorts world did something so good for they earn so much credit from people who deeply believes in them.